Black Forest Clocks

"“A flat case, a spindle with balance, wooden wheels, an escape wheel with pins, a dial with hand, a driving mechanism without sound system”, this is how Berthold Schaaf described the first wooden wheel clocks, which the farmers in the Black Forest crafted around the year 1640.

From this modest start, the unique local clock-making craft developed to become the most successful industry in the Black Forest. By and by, the wooden components were replaced by more long-lived metal pieces. By the end of the 18th century, the manufacturers in the Black Forest had become the most competitive suppliers of relatively cheap & sturdy clocks suitable for everyday purposes on the entire European market.

This extraordinary boom was not only due to the excellence of local engineers and mechanics, but also to a sophisticated distribution network. The shipment companies of the Black Forest delivered the clocks to England and France and as far away as Russia and the Ottoman Empire.



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