Cuckoo Clock

Did the cuckoo clock really originate in 1737 in the workshop of Franz Anton Ketterer in the village of Schönwald? Or had it already existed in the early 17th century in the Palace of the Prince Elector of Saxony?

In any case, the cuckoo clock, as it is widely known today, is derived from the so-called “Bahnhäusleuhr” clock (clock of the gatekeeper’s house). This was a successful clock model designed by the architect Friedrich Eisenlohr in 1850 upon the suggestion of the director of the clock-making school in the town of Furtwangen in the Black Forest. The cuckoo clock has preserved its distinctive character until today - even in strident colours or in a plastic case - and is still holds an outstanding place among the varied clock models fabricated in the Black Forest.

Di Kuckucksuhr


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