Straw Weaving and “PomPom Girls”

The straw hat owes its notoriety beyond the Black Forest to the development of the straw-weaving craft and to the promotion of the industry by the Superior Bailiff Huber who resided in the town of Triberg. With its various shapes and decorations, the straw hat is part of numerous different traditional costumes in the Black Forest.

Red or black woollen balls? The most famous symbol of the Black Forest, the pompom hat, principally worn in the village of Gutach, owes its existence to the development of this craft, too. Arguably, the “Bollenhut”, the most famous variant of the traditional head covers, is the most accomplished implementation of an official decree promulgated in 1797 according to which “the straw hats in the Gutachtal Valley should be topped by the usual ornamentation coloured red or black.” With this provision leaving no choice, there was nothing more to do than to tint the woollen balls, symbolizing roses, and to sew them onto the hats.



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