“Schwarzwaldbahn” Railway Line

Quite a few marvellous vehicles,
yellow horse-drawn carriages,
travelled across the counties.
The coaches, you won’t believe,
managed hardly three miles a day
stopping at every wayside tavern.
Oh, the good old days …!

This is how Rudolf Baumbach, who had already written the song "Auf auf dem gelben Wagen beim Schwager vorn …" (“Perched high on the yellow carriage, next to the coacher …”), described the journey by mail coach.

Starting in 1760, mail coaches carried travellers across the Black Forest. According to the writings of contemporaries, the most important requirements for this kind of journey were “a good physical condition and a Christian patience”. Nevertheless, in spite of the inconveniences, this means of transport contributed to the growing enthusiasm for the Black Forest. Travelling was fashionable, despite the discomforts due to the bumpy roads and the cramped conditions.

Yet, the real boom of tourism was sparked by the construction of railway lines at the end of the 19th century, notably by the inauguration in 1873 of the “Schwarzwaldbahn” railway line connecting the cities of Offenburg and Singen via the towns of Hornberg, Triberg and St. Georgen.

In the museum, paintings, photographs, tickets and congratulation telegrams recall the ceremonies held at the Triberg railway station as well as the ingenious project manager Robert Gerwig who was responsible for the planning. The original tools and devices used for the railway construction, however, give evidence of the hard working conditions which the 750 workers involved in the project had to endure.

The diorama of the “Schwarzwaldbahn” railway, extending over 20 square metres, is really worth a visit. It is a model railway landscape true to the original down to the finest detail, built in 1953 from especially collected natural materials. The facility represents the most spectacular section of the “Schwarzwaldbahn” railway, including miniature trains (gauge TT) which run through the numerous tunnels.

Die Schwarzwaldbahn


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