Under the Surface

Mining is an industry with a centuries-old tradition in the Black Forest. Arguably, the hematite extraction goes back as far as to the Roman period. In the Middle Ages, more and more people migrated to the Black Forest in the hope of finding work and space to settle down. People even accepted the hard work in the narrow galleries of the mines cherishing the dream of one day finding a galena vein containing silver.

However, rather than the miners themselves, it was the merchants, the monasteries and the bailiffs who became rich thanks to the extraction of silver, the most important currency at that time. The soil of the Black Forest also provided silica sand, another important raw material, which was extracted from creeks and transformed into potash glass (“Waldglas”).

In the museum, a model of a mining gallery familiarises the visitors with the world of the minerals and natural resources of the Black Forest.


Unter der Erde


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